EDUVED do not sell published manuscripts and offer all published manuscripts free of cost to all members, researchers, libraries, organisations, companies and universities. Open access allows the research community to view, download, print, and redistribute any manuscript without a subscription, enabling far greater distribution of an author's work than the traditional subscription-based publishing model. Authors may also use their published pdf on their own or institution's website. Many authors in a variety of fields have begun to realise the benefits that open access publishing can provide in terms of increasing the impact of their work, because there is at all NO CHARGE to access its research content.The publication costs of a manuscript are paid from an author's research budget, or by their supporting institutions.

As costs are involved in every stage of the publication process, like manuscript handling form submission to publication, peer-review, copy-editing, typesetting, tagging and indexing of articles, Electronic composition and production, hosting the final article on dedicated servers, electronic archiving, server and website update and maintenance, supporting sales and marketing costs to ensure global dissemination and administrative and overheads, the author is asked to pay manuscript processing fee.

If the paper is accepted for publication, the authors are required to remit a processing fee of INR 2000 per paper. The processing fee for International authors is USD 60. In case of more than one author, each co-author has to pay INR 500 (Indian author) and USD 25 (International author) as processing fee.